Easter Island Solar Eclipse 2010

It is the last night before the eclipse. I have been on the mission to change my scooter to a 4×4 and then asking and changing it to a better condition car that does not have a door that cannot open, only has one head light working and cannot change into 4×4 mode and keep going backwards and sidewards… Now I have a beautiful white Samurai and it is almost brand new with a very good price. More importantly, I am ready to be able to go to the location for the eclipse tomorrow.

The only problem is that it is raining quite often and it seems to be a matter of luck weather I can see the totality and the path of the sun and moon to get there. It’s been raining continuously since this morning 4AM while I was taking night shots in Ranoraraku and stormy during the day.

Good news is that I seem to have quite a good luck so far and things are going well at the end with the island vibe and great people here in Rapanui.