Total solar eclipse 2012/2010 photos exhibiting at Nishiazabu Tokyo

Some 2012 Australia eclipse photos will be exhibited at the eclipse after party event, PLANET OF TUNES at Nishiazabu, Tokyo.

Timelapse sequence of the solar eclipse captured in 2 cameras from November 2012 will be projected in the main hall.

2012 Total Solar Eclipse Australia
The eclipse sequence and the moon’s shadow captured from a weather balloon will be presented for the first time in public. This attempt was made as part of the Katsuhiro Neko Hashimoto’s Space-NekoKinoko project 2012, which Katsuhiro sent a balloon after camping in the outback to get close to the eclipse as much as possible. My son’s Gopro was used to capture the solar eclipse from the fringe of space.
The balloon was miraculously recovered by the recovery team a week later after a deadly walk in the desert full of crocodiles and other hungry wild Australian animals.
I believe this is the first solar eclipse captured from a weather balloon at that height (Please tell me if I am wrong).

space nekokinoko

As a side dish, my largely printed photos of the 2010 Easter Island total solar eclipse with the Moai, previously exhibited at Japan in 2011, will also be displayed.

Also, something not to be missed is my friend artist Saori Kanda with her Life-painting.

PLANET OF TUNES -After The Eclipse-
2013.5.10 Friday 19:00-24:30
Location SuperDeluxe
B1F 3-1-25 Nishiazabu Tokyo

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