Aurora at peaceful winter beach

Aurora at the Quiet Winter Beach

Aurora Australis appeared last night. Caused by the solar wind sent by the CME (Coronal mass ejection) from the sun.

Sun from NZ the day before the aurora (UTC 15 July 02:00) with sunspot 2665

As the night fell, the clouds gave just enough gaps to see the Aurora Australis becoming brighter and the vertical lines from the aurorae curtain navigating through sideways.

 NZT 2017-7-16 23:50 (UTC 2017-7-16 11:50)

It was an exciting start of the night. Multiple sources suggested there could be more aurora.

The clouds became thinner as the moon appeared and some green aurora gloriously glowed on the horizon for hours.

 NZT 2017-7-17 02:15 (UTC 2017-7-16 14:15)

 NZT 2017-7-17 02:30 (UTC 2017-7-16 14:30)

 NZT 2017-7-17 03:15 (UTC 2017-7-16 14:30)

The aurora didn’t get huge as hoped. But it was elegant and bright.
It was a very peaceful night at the quiet winter beach in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand.

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