Largest Solar Storm of this Decade (2nd night)

Photo above was taken at 00:21 9th Sept (NZT) during the start of the large activity

Huge aurora was sighted on Friday night 8th of September for hours as the effect from the largest solar storm of this decade (G4 geomagnetic storm from a X9 solar flare plus few M class flares) was released from being energised.

Being able to see one of the largest aurora in recent years again was a delightful result from driving the deep local roads for a couple of hours to dodge the rain and luckily finding a place with no clouds in the sky.
Huge aurora appeared after few hours of wait with no visible auroras apart for a tiny one showing up during early hours of the evening at moonrise.

When the auroras appeared it was sudden and it didn’t go through the steps it takes. Where it usually begins with the hint of glow showing on the horizon, light becoming stronger and vertical rays starts to appear moving sideways. But skipped all that and the main show just started above the horizon.

Facing towards SouthWest 00:35 9th Sept (NZT) / 12:35 8th Sept (UTC)

Facing towards SouthEast 00:34 9th Sept (NZT) / 12:34 8th Sept (UTC)

Facing towards SouthEast 00:35 9th Sept (NZT) / 12:35 8th Sept (UTC)

Layers of curtains were glowing so strong the surrounding became very green. This night’s aurora looked like Aurora Borealis with the aurora seen in the Northern hemisphere is a lot more green witnessed.
Fast movements of the aurora was exciting and the intense flickering and pulsing of the wide overhead aurora was something very special.

Fisheye view

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