Largest Solar Storm of this Decade

Pretty exciting time for aurora enthusiasts. It has been alerted on the 6th of August that the largest solar storm of this decade due to a sunspot’s CME.
On the September 7th, another high speed CME was detected from a X9 solar flare.
So far the first impact was observed around Sep 7 11:25 NZT. As a result the satellite GOES15 stopped sending data which has happens before when the solar storm is huge. A severe G4 geomagnetic storm was to be arriving.

Screenshot: Sep 7 11:25 NZT GOES15 going off chart (stopped)

Screenshot: Sep 8 16:44 NZT GOES15 showing its functioning properly again

After the cloud cleared there were auroras seen at 20:55 NZT but with the moon being at its 98% after the full moon it was ver difficult to detect it with human eye. Nevertheless some details and features were captured on camera.
Sep 7 20:55 NZT Dunedin, New Zealand
Sep 7 22:40 NZT Dunedin, New Zealand
Rare occasion of Picket Fence appearing for more than 10 minutes

First time for me to see a Kp 9 prediction since standing by in Dunedin.

Screenshot: Chrome extension Katu Aurora – Space Weather

The challenge will be for the cloud to make clearance while the aurora is huge and the moon is still low. The entire South Island is covered with clouds according to Himawari’s satellite image. But fingers crossed since the spring weather in New Zealand is very changeable. 
Screenshot: Himawari satelite

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