Total Solar Eclipse 2017

In August 21st 2017, I visited Oregon in the United States for the Total Solar Eclipse.
It was a great journey and success to photograph the eclipse.

Since then, I had a lot to absorb and lots of images to process.
A total solar eclipse is something amazing to experience. The feeling when the body is aligned with the sun, moon and the moon’s shadow is something simply not presentable through an image. But I believe photographing the eclipse can keep the memory alive and is a great way for me to interact with the eclipse and share the experience later.

The photo above is the image of the diamond rings, during the second and third contact .
It showed a rare atmospheric optic a corona (rainbow-like effect) due to either the smokes of wildfire (happening often around the time in Oregon and Canada) or from the ice crystals in the high clouds. The angle of the sun is aligned close to the angle seen from ground level.

This is a photo of the corona during totality.
It has multiple different exposures stacked to look closer to how I saw it with my eyes. The corona was long and strong this time. and Earthshine and prominence was visible also with my eyes.

I am hoping to have more images and story about the journey to be followed.