Starlight Festival 2017 Photo Exhibition

The Aoraki Machenzie Starlight Festival ( starts from tomorrow and run throughout the weekend. Friday 13th to Sunday 15 October 2017. It will be held in the Machenzie Dark Sky Reserve and its best location at the exclusive Mt. Cook Hermitage hotel ( that is right in front of Mt. Cook.
I will be contributing towards its prestige photo exhibition with few of my photography. It will contain auroras, 12 hour star trail, STEVE (red auroral arc) , total solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

The location is in one of the most beautiful place on this planet with Mt. Cook and surrounding mountains that keeps the area dark to produce fascinating view of the night sky. This astronomy festival has lots of interesting programs to attend.
Don’t forget also to explore the universe during night. Outside the hotel will offer a spectacular scenery and the amount of stars visible can be mind blowing.

Event:      Aoraki Machenzie Starlight Festival
Location: Mt. Cook Hermitage hotel, Aoraki village
Dates:      Friday 13th to Sunday 15 October 2017.

Update with photos from the event:
Very honoured to have my Mount Cook star trail photo joining the wall with Sir Edmund Hillary at the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre

Photos of Aurora Australis with highlighted objects from orange street lights. The presentation of the effect of artificial light pollution. 

NASA Ames Research Center Dr Natalie Batalha’s presentation for the exploration for the habitable “Planet for Goldilocks”. One of the event’s highlight presentation.