Collaboration: Sanga and Diamond Ring

Collaboration with Japanese traditional natural incense manufacturer Sanga

My photograph of the Diamond Ring with Coronaduring the August 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse (An atmospheric optics that is like a rainbow around the Diamond Ring) was used in Sanga’s special edition incense.

The incense is made with materials launched to the Stratosphere through the SPACE-NEKOKINOKO project. The project that sent a camera tied with the materials to an organic weather balloon to capture the image of the Earth and the Moon shadow casting on Painted Hills in Oregon USA during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and the project I accompanied for the second time.

Linked image from Sanga. All rights reserved to SPACE-NEKOKINOKO project

The project resulted with a huge success and the camera and incense ingredients was recovered the following day of the launch. It is the second success for the SPACE-NEKOKINOKO project to capture the image from the edge of the planet during the totality, after the first success in Australia’s 2012 Total Solar Eclipse.

Sanga Incense

Special edition incense bonus photos