Before and after the Second Supermoon 2018

Top photo: Moon rising above Rangitoto Island
During a quiet moment after the night of the Lunar Eclipse. Northshore, Auckland, New Zealand.

There was a Lunar Eclipse on the night of the 31st Jan/1st Feb, which was also the second Supermoon of 2018 and a Blue moon (second full moon in a month).
With a lot of clouds from approaching cyclone and huge storm, unfortunately, the eclipse was not observable from anywhere close to where I was in the South Island. The surrounding became complete dark while no moonlights or starlights came through the rain clouds during the totality that lasted for few hours.
It was a pity but I did enjoy the large bright moon the day before and after the Full moon. Also, there is another Lunar Eclipse in June coming up, something to look forward to.

Sony a9 + Borg71FL + 1.4x + Kenko 2.0x
Captured on the night before full moon.